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How to Maximize Space and Organize a Small Kitchen

Organize your kitchen by maximizing the space
By John Odalen, Professional Organizer in Central New Jersey

Not everyone has ample kitchen space. In fact many people living in homes designed 30-50 years ago still have kitchens that are lacking in cupboard and pantry space. Tiny kitchens can be found everywhere and when a full gut and remodel is not an option, maximizing space is a priority.

As a professional organizer in Central New Jersey, I get to see a lot of different types of kitchens: from the modern beautifully designed kitchens often found in multi-million dollar homes in places like Princeton and Hopewell, New Jersey to modest, cozy kitchens found in many suburban homes throughout Mercer County, NJ and Bucks County, PA. No matter the size of your kitchen, maintaining an organized kitchen will allow for smoother and more expedient food preparation. Now who doesn’t want that?

Space Saving Tips: 7 Easy Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

I understand that no one wants to cook in a kitchen that is disorderly and frustrating. When cabinets and drawers are cluttered, stacked and jumbled together you can’t find what you need and precious time is wasted. To help you work through those challenges here are my 7 ways to maximize space in a small kitchen so that it works better and harder for you:

1. Separate items with drawer organizers. You will fit more in the drawer and you will be able to see exactly what you have and find what you need when you need it. Be sure to measure your drawers before you shop and buy bins that fill the space.

Organize your kitchen by maximizing your space 2. Put dry goods in air tight, rectangular, stackable containers. Not only will your food last longer, but you can see what you have and you will fit more in your cabinet than if you kept it in the original boxes and bags. The squarer the container, as opposed to curved or tapered containers, the less dead space in the cabinet. Narrow containers that run the depth of the cabinet are great

3. Buy items that nest. Mixing bowls, baking dishes, storage containers. Always consider nesting and the overall footprint the item will take up.

4. Keep like items together in baskets. A narrow basket that fits the depth of your upper cabinet can act like a drawer. It’s also great for holding coffee pods or snack bars or anything else small and loose. Take them out of the original box to maximize space. Added bonus, you can easily remove the basket to make your selection.

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5. Add extra cabinet shelves. Upper kitchen cabinets usually have three shelves. That leaves lots of empty space when your items are only so high. You end up stacking, like salad plates on your dinner plates, or canned goods stacked on top of each other. Buy sturdy wire shelves to bridge the vertical gap. Or have another wood shelf cut to fit. You can get additional shelf pins at the home improvement store.

Organize your kitchen by maximizing your space 6. Install pull out wire drawers. The back area of lower cabinets is often a dead zone, out of sight and out of mind. Anything back there is hardly used, if ever. A wire drawer will allow you access to the entire space.

7. Take advantage of vertical space. Keep frequently used utensils from hooks. Hang a pot rack near the stove. Mount a magnetic strip to hold knives where you prep food. Install sturdy shelves to hold items that are decorative as well as functional: coffee mugs, mixing bowls, serving pieces.

Whether you live in the studio apartment or small home if want to get more out of your kitchen, use these small space design organizing to help you maximize space and maintain a life less cluttered.
About the Author

John Odalen is founder of Organize and Maintain and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and abides by the NAPO Code of Ethics.. His book on organizing, Real Value: New Ways to Think About Your Time, Your Space & Your Stuff, was published in March 2016 by Open Door Publications, offers a fresh way to look at organizing your home or business. John is available for speaking engagements to discuss finding the value in your possessions.

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